Agnathavasi Live Updates

agnathavasi movie hd stills photos

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agnathavasi movie hd stills photos

Agnathavasi Live Updates:

  • The runtime of the film is 158 minutes.
  • The opening scene features Bollywood actor Boman Irani as Vinda. Things have started on a serious note. Vinda a business empire owner & his son killed.
  • Tamil star actress, Khushboo has also come in as Boman Irani’s wife…Sentimental scenes are on now.
  • The movie now shifted to Assam. Pawan Kalyan introduced with a powerful martial arts fight.
  • Time for the first song Dhaga Dhaga Mane shot in picturesque locales of Varanasi.
  • Pawan prepares to take revenge on the killers of his father and brother. plans to enter into a corporate office and Vennela Kishore has come in. A very funny and interesting kidnapping drama featuring Pawan and Kishore is on.
  • Anu Emmanuel introduced as a personal assistant to Sharma
  • Interesting scenes between Khushboo and Pawan are on now. Dialogues are sizeable.
  • Time for second song, “Swagatham Krishna” Keerthy Suresh introduced in this song
  • Some fun scenes between Pawan and Keerthy Suresh are being showcased
  • Time for the 3rd Song “Baitikochi Choosthe”. Pawan Kalyan and Anu Emmanuel are at their best looking.
  • Some comedy scenes in office are going on featuring Raghu Babu and others.
  • Time for the villain Intro, Actor Adhi Pinisetty’s has been introduced.
  • Time For 4th Song “Gaali Vaana ga”, superb picturesque locations Pawan Kalyan and Keerthy Suresh looks good.
  • A trial to kill Pawan Kalyan is defeated by himself.A stylish fight is being showcased in an interesting manner.
  • The elevation scenes showcasing Pawan during the interval bang are top notch.Background score is excellent in Interval block.

Interval Block

  • Second half starts with an implied challenge between Pawan and Aadhi Pinisetty
  • The film heads into a flashback mode showcasing Vinda’s (Boman Irani) flashback, How he established his empire, his family backdrop etc..
  • During the flashback, sentiment scenes between Pawan family members please the family audience.
  • Flashback Ends, The movie heads back to present. Pawan Kalyan re-enters to AB headquarters Office and introduced as Abhishikth Bhargav.
  • Few superb comedy scenes is going on between Murali sharma and rao ramesh, pawan kalyan
  • It’s time for most entertaining song kodaka koteswar rao.
  • Finally hero and villain came face to face. 
  • Pawan goes on a mission to Bulgaria to find his father’s will
  • Action episodes in Bulgaria shot very good
  • Time for a fight between Pawan and Aadhi’s men..fight looks good
  • A small twist in the tale now. Movie heading towards the climax.
  • Time for the action packed climax. A one on fight between Aadhi and Pawan is on now
  • with comedy bit on Vennela kishore , movie comes to an end.