Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review | Agnyaathavaasi Review

Agnyaathavaasi Review | Agnyaathavaasi Telugu Movie Review | Agnyaathavaasi Rating | Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review In Telugu | Agnyaathavaasi | Pawan Kalyan | Trivikram Srinivas | Anu Emmanuel | Keerthy Suresh

Agnyaathavaasi Review
Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review | Agnyaathavaasi Review

Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review | Agnyaathavaasi Review

Movie Name: Agnyaathavaasi
Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh, Anu Emmanuel.
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: Manikandan Velayutham
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art: A. S. Prakash
Stunts: Ravi Verma
Executive Producer: PDV Prasad
Producer: S. Radha Krishna (Chinababu)
Banner: Haarika & Hassine Creations

Release date: 10 January 2018

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s much-awaited movie ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is getting released this 10th January. There are humongous expectations over this film. Recently, released trailers and teasers hint that the film is going to be an out and out entertainer.

‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is going to take the whole festival season at its own pace. It’s time you wait for our honest Agnyaathavaasi review.

Agnyaathavaasi Live Updates:

  • The runtime of the film is 158 minutes.
  • The opening scene features Bollywood actor Boman Irani as Vinda. Things have started on a serious note. Vinda a business empire owner & his son killed.
  • Tamil star actress, Khushboo has also come in as Boman Irani’s wife…Sentimental scenes are on now.
  • The movie now shifted to Assam. Pawan Kalyan introduced with a powerful martial arts fight.
  • Time for the first song Dhaga Dhaga Mane shot in picturesque locales of Varanasi.
  • Pawan prepares to take revenge on the killers of his father. plans to enter into a corporate office and Vennela Kishore has come in. A very funny and interesting kidnapping drama featuring Pawan and Kishore is on.
  • Anu Emmanuel introduced as a personal assistant to Sharma
  • Interesting scenes between Khushboo and Pawan are on now. Dialogues are sizeable.
  • Time for second song, “Swagatham Krishna” Keerthy Suresh introduced in this song
  • Some fun scenes between Pawan and Keerthy Suresh are being showcased
  • Time for the 3rd Song “Baitikochi Choosthe”. Pawan Kalyan and Anu Emmanuel are at their best looking.
  • Some comedy scenes in office are going on featuring Raghu Babu and others.
  • Time for the villain Intro, Actor Adhi Pinisetty’s has been introduced.
  • Time For 4th Song “Gaali Vaana ga”, superb pleasant locations Pawan Kalyan and Keerthy Suresh looks good.
  • A trial to kill Pawan Kalyan is defeated by himself.A stylish fight is being showcased in an interesting manner.
  • The elevation scenes showcasing Pawan during the interval bang are top notch.Background score is excellent in Interval block.


  • Second half starts with an implied challenge between Pawan and Aadhi Pinisetty.
  • The film heads into a flashback mode showcasing Vinda’s (Boman Irani) flashback, How he established his empire, his family backdrop etc..
  • During the flashback, sentiment scenes between Pawan family members please the family audience.
  • Flashback Ends, The movie heads back to present. Pawan Kalyan re-enters to AB headquarters Office and introduced as Abhishikth Bhargav.
  • Few superb comedy scenes is going on between Murali sharma and rao ramesh, pawan kalyan
  • It’s time for most entertaining song kodaka koteswar rao.
  • Finally hero and villain came face to face. 
  • Pawan goes on a mission to Bulgaria to find his father’s will
  • Action episodes in Bulgaria shot very good
  • Time for a fight between Pawan and Aadhi’s men..fight looks good
  • A small twist in the tale now. Movie heading towards the climax.
  • Time for the action packed climax. A one on fight between Aadhi and Pawan is on now
  • with comedy bit on Vennela kishore , movie comes to an end.


Agnyaathavaasi Plot:

A wealthy businessman Vinda (Boman Irani) and his son Killed by some unknown forces. The secret heir of Vinda Abhishiktha Bharghava (Pawan Kalyan) enters AB group of companies as a normal employee to find out the killers of his father and make things right in his company. what he finds about his father’s death and how fights evils forms crux of the story.

Plus Points: 

  • Pawan Kalyan
  • Music
  • Few Action Scenes
  • Few Comedy Scenes
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Direction and slow-paced Narration
  • Trivikram mark is completely missed
  • placement of the songs
  • Heroines do not have much to do with the film
  • Overdone and irritate Comedy Episodes
  • the climax stretched for no reason. 

Agnyaathavaasi Review: 

The film does not live up to the expectations, Trivikram’s magic is completely missing as he has not succeeded in generating basic emotions and gripping episodes which end up as the biggest drawbacks of the film.Keep your expectations completely in check while watching this film.