Akshara Haasan : My Parents Love Feels As Fresh As Dew

Akshara Haasan still feels the love story of her parents Kamal Hassan and Sarika though they got separated many years before. Akshara admires their love story and cherishes it by watching their on-screen romance in the film “Raj-Tilak”.

Getting into deep, In an Interview, Akshara said, “I liked my mom in ‘Parzania’ and my dad in ‘Nayakan’ and ‘Chachi 420’. And I liked both of them together in ‘Raaj Tilak’. It was a high point for me to see how my parents fell in love. That’s when their relationship started. I get super happy seeing it (film) and that they have captured it (the real-life romance) on screen. It fills my heart with happiness.”

Akshara made her debut with Shamitabh opposite Dhanush in which even the legend Amitabh Bachchan played an important role , Akshara is now gearing up for the release of her upcoming film, Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana, a romantic-comedy. The actress considers her parents her best critics and is happy that they’re proud of her work.

As answer, for how her parents feel about her work She said,
“My parents think I am doing well and heading in the right direction. They are critical about my work. They tell me things on my face so that I can do better. They ask me why I did a scene or act in a particular way and not the other way. Sometimes I agree with them sometimes I don’t.”

Her response for the advantage of being a star kid says, “It is easy to use the connection of your parents, some star kids chose that route as it works for them. I could also do that but I did not. I was an assistant director before I became an actor and the work I got is on my own. I worked hard to reach here.

Even she stated that she didn’t reveal her second name while working as an assistant director. In her Words, “If people come to know I am Kamal Hassan’s daughter the treatment is very different, they just put you on a pedestal and it becomes difficult for me to give my 100 percent. I am ok getting yelled on sets, at least I will learn that way. The achievements that I got and will be getting in the future will be on my merit and that is a far better feeling. One should do things on their own, if they can’t do it then ask for help.”

She wrapped up about her career route map stating, “Some people don’t take you seriously, I look like a child until I open my mouth. But there are some people who are chauvinists and they do create a problem for me and make life difficult. But there is a nice way to deal with it without involving parents and being respectful and saying don’t cross the line.”