Anushka’s Look Turns Expensive for Bhagmathi?

Sumptuous beauty Anushka turned stout for her critically acclaimed film Size Zero. Thereon, she couldn’t get normally with her body looks. Baahubali 2’s makers were suffered from her changed looks and Baahubali producers spend a huge amount to show Anushka in slim look using high-end graphics.

Now Bhagmathi makers are facing the same problem with Anushka unusual looks. It’s buzzed that team Bhagmathi expended Rs.5 crores to show Anushka in slim look in the movie.

Bhagmathi has Malayalam heroes Jayaram and Unni Mukundan and Telugu hero Aadhi In important roles. Ashok has directed the movie, UV Creations Producing this film with superb visuals incorporated in it. The movie is being planned for release in the month of December.