Jr.NTR Roped into the Bandla Ganesh and Sachiin Joshi Controversy

bandla ganesh sachiin controversy

It seems Bandla Ganesh is in deep trouble.He is facing series of whacks from the actors who he had deals earlier in his producing career.

Getting into details, An actress stated him as a broker in the film industry recently. Which grab the attention of the media to turn the focus on Bandla Ganesh. Just providing the required pep, Even Sachiin Joshi started to open up about his experience and even supported the actress’s statement.

Actor Sachiin Joshi, who is at Hyderabad at the teaser launch of his upcoming film ‘Veedevadu’, hasn’t spared producer Bandla Ganesh with whom he had hostility issues.

When media asked Sachiin about the controversy with Ganesh pointing it as “WAR” with him. Sachiin responded, “All of us are here for the teaser of my film Veedevadu. I think he (Bandla Ganesh) is too small for me to do a war with. Bandla Ganesh is a nobody according to me that I need to do war with. I didn’t see his recent interview but someone was mentioning me about his (Ganesh’s) interview where he said to have told who’s Sachiin Joshi and he said he doesn’t know me. For me, he’s ‘Veedevadu’ even to say that. It doesn’t matter. There are dogs in the world who like to bark. You shouldn’t bother about them. For me, he isn’t even a dog. Because dogs are honest. Dogs are pets. I think he’s a wolf. What do you call a wolf in Telugu? Todelu. Ah..Bandla Ganesh is a Todelu for me.”

Sachiin commenced, “There’s a lot that he has done to me. That doesn’t matter to me. I believe in the legal sanctity in the country. I believe in the law. The law will take its own course. And he’ll get his punishment. I’m nobody to talk about him and he’s nobody that I should even think about him.”

Jr.NTR asked me to keep Bandla Ganesh Out

Sachiin even shared an interesting incident which happened in the past.”I was serious about producing films as I’m passionate about cinema. I had met Jr NTR and he had asked me that why did I bring Ganesh. Jr NTR had suggested me then to kept him outside his house. This is what reality is. Everyone in the industry knows who Ganesh is. That’s reality. But what Ganesh projects is different,” said Sachiin who has now roped in Jr NTR into the fresh controversy.

The actor is even stated that he is going to proceed legally as he spared him in the past because of Ganesh’s father, but now He wanted to settle this legally it seems.