Idi Naa Love Story Review

Idi Naa Love Story Review
Idi Naa Love Story Review

Idi Naa Love Story Review:

Release date : February 14, 2018

starring: Tarun, Oviya

Director : Ramesh Gopi

Producer : SV Prakash

Music Director : Srinath Vijay

Cinematographer : Christopher Joseph

Editor : Shankar

Story Line: Abhi(Tarun) is an ad filmmaker who falls in love with Abhinaya(Oviya) right after he meets her for the first time. After a point, even Abhinaya starts liking him and right when everything seems to be going fine, a serious twist in the heroine’s health spoils the complete love story. 

Plus Point:

  • Tarun Performance
  • The last ten minutes of the film
  • The locations showcased in the film are very good
  • The flashback episode 
  • decent camera work

Minus Point:

  • no proper story
  • boring conversations between the lead pair
  • no chemistry between the lead pair
  • Number of flashbacks in the story
  • silly dialogues in every scene


Idi Naa Love Story has absolutely nothing to offer.

Idi Naa Love Story Rating: 2/5