Madhavi Latha Makes Sensational Comments About TFI

Madhavi Latha Makes Sensational Comments:

Telugu actress Madhavi Latha, who made a successful debut in Tollywood with Ravi Babu’s ‘Nachavule’, later performed in a several more films including Nani’s ‘Snehithuda’.After the initial good run, her career soon went downhill. For the past few years, she has not got a single movie.Now the actress made sensational comments about her career in Tollywood.

In a recent interview conversation, Madhavi Latha said that she suffered a lot of sexual harassment in the beginning stages of her career. When she didn’t agree to do some ‘special favors’ that some people in the industry wanted from her, Madhavi Latha stated that her career took a downturn. “A lot of people in the industry will be in trouble if women start speaking about their experiences here. You have to compromise if you have to remain in this industry. No one cares about talent,” Madhavi said in the interview.She also spoke about her personal & inner stories and also about her film career.

Madhavi began her career in modeling and went on to appear in advertisements and feature films. She is best known for her roles south Indian films, dance performances in films. She has acted in so many films across 3 languages.