Man Died While Performing Baahubali Jump At A Waterfall

One of the most iconic scene from SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali where (Prabhas) Shivudu jumps off from a side of the waterfall in order to reach the other side. inspired fans off screen to imitate the same and become a reason for the loss of a few lives.

As per reports, Indrapal Patil, a business man from Mumbai jumped from a waterfall at Mahuli Fort in Shahapur, missed landing on his feet and thereafter lost his life. According to the Shahpur police, “these leaps are inspired by the jump in the Baahubali movie.”

However, Indrapal Patil’s brother, Mahendra claims that this must have been a planned attack or he must have been pushed playfully.

But the police said “Eyewitnesses informed them that the deceased jumped – rather than fell from a height, tried to land on his feet, missed and went underwater.

The same report says that this is the second death in the last fortnight.

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