Nani Nenu Local 14 Days Collections

Nani Nenu Local 14 Days Collections

Nenu Local” gave Nani a hit as well as broken the February curse with great collections. Appropriate for the main show itself, it has been getting the gigantic reaction from the gathering of people. This parody mass performer has finished 14 days thus far it has profited Rs. 29.46 crores share around the world. By getting more than Rs. 7 crores share from the Nizam territory in the main week itself, Nani has reinforced his fame greatly.

14 Days Collections of “Nenu Local”

Nizam – Rs. 9.23 Cr
Ceded – Rs. 2.7 Cr
Uttar Andhra – Rs. 3.37 Cr
Krishna – Rs. 1.72 Cr
East Godavari – Rs. 2.03 Cr
West Godavari – Rs. 1.28 Cr
Nellore – Rs. 0.68 Cr
Guntur – Rs. 1.69 Cr

Seema Andhra and Telangana – Rs. 22.7 Cr

USA – Rs. 3.9 Cr
Karnataka – Rs. 2.05 Cr
ROI and ROW – Rs. 0.80 Cr

Worldwide 14 Days Collections Rs. 29.46 Cr.