Rajamouli talks about his ‘last flick’

Rajamouli, the name which has taken Tollywood to another level,the name which set a benchmark to all the upcoming directors, is into another project which is named ‘RRR’. As known till date Rajamouli has kept tight-lipped about his movie, not any more a secret.He arranged a press meet in which he revealed all the surprises about the movie.

when asked, Rajamouli  talked about his retirement and the last movie he will make before his retirement. As known, Rajamouli always had a dream to create the epic “Mahabaratha” on a large canavas. Guess work starts  every time when Rajamouli wraps up his project and is released about his dream project. This time,  Rajamouli keeps a fullstop  to all the speculations, saying that “Mahabarath” would be the last ever movie he would be making.He would not be starting it any time now but will continue to work on as it will be alive in his dreams.