Rakul mesmerised fans with her aerial act!!!

Rakul Preet Singh is one of the top actresses in the south Indian film industry. Though being a hard worker and a brave soul who was trained in many sports is actually afraid of heights and fear falling. Rakul always wanted to overcome that fear so tried sky diving in Dubai. She tweeted and also updated in instagram about her experience that, ‘It was probably the most beautiful 50  seconds of my life, as I was in a complete meditative state. I felt like a bird and there was a sense of achievement’,  also she added that it was a completely different experience which is sort of exploring her newest side.

Rakul regularly posts many videos on instagram about her gym sessions which inspires youth and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and she always believed in living her life to the fullest. She also tweeted about her fears and how she has skydiving in her bucket list from a couple of years which she checked off in one go.Now she made her dream come true and is clearly looking happy about achieving milestones in terms of overcoming fears.