Ram Gopal Varma Nuclear 340 crores Budget Film

RGV is all set to do an international film titled Nuclear  with a global production company named CMA global productions. “Nuclear” will be the first project for CMA global Production company and will be a huge budget one.

According to the information, Nuclear will be shot in America, China, Russia, Yemen and in India with American, Chinese, Russian and Indian actors. This film will be made with a huge budget around 340 crore rupees.

It is all about the tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Apparently, the events leading to World War III is the plot of the movie. A nuclear bomb is planted in Mumbai and terrorists demand to free Kashmir. America intervenes and mediates talks between the two countries.

RGV is currently working for a Telugu film titled “Vangaveeti” and two Hindi films “Rai” and “Sarkar 3.” While all the three films are in the shooting process,The shoot for Nuclear will be started soon after completing his ongoing projects.

The shoot for “Nuclear” will be started soon after RGV completing his ongoing projects.