Mega Powerstar gave clarity on “Sye Raa” Release


Since’ Khaidi no 150′ was released and bagged its success every one were excited and almost going nuts for Chiru’s next film. when the project ‘Sye raa’ was announced,  it created really huge expectations due to its concept,budget and the amount of time and efforts Chiru is investing in it. Also Nayana Tara, Amithab Bacchan, Vijay Sethupathi and Kicha Sudeep coming aboard was a real asset and the film was growing bigger with cast every day.

Since Ramcharan was producing the film , may be there were no hurries regarding immediate completion of the project. But the crew hasn’t let any day go in vein and tried to finish it as early as possible. Since it is a major historical film post-Bahubali ,we were all expecting it to take ample time to finish and there were no hopes of it hitting theatres till 2020 but today mega prince Ram Charan has clarified abut it and passed on the good news that the movie is about to finish all its schedules and is planned for a huge release this year.