Shah Rukh Khan loses his cool over a prank

Shah Rukh Khan Prank: Ramez Underground is a reality TV show where many celebrities have been pranked.Recently, Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan Invited for this show.Egyptian comedian and the host of Ramez Underground, Ramez Galal, pranked Shah Rukh in the middle of a dessert.

where Khan is seen stuck in quicksand with a famous TV presenter Nishant, as Ramez dressed as a monstrous reptile makes his way towards the two. Scared out of their gags, the moment Ramez exposes himself, SRK is seen yelling at him for pulling off a ‘distasteful’ prank.

Seeing an angered Khan, Ramez do apologize but the actor refuses to accept his apology. It’s hard to believe that this whole incident was actually a prank because later we saw this selfie on Ramez Galal’s Twitter account.

Check Out Shah Rukh Khan Prank Video:

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