Real Reason For Brahmi Downfall In Tollywood

We all know who is the Telugu audience most favorite star comedian, there is only one name “Brahmanandam“. He entertained the Telugu audience over 3 decades and he is the most paid comedian in Tollywood films. There is a time where we saw Brahmi in each and every movie in Tollywood films.

But, from past few years, Brahmanandam disappeared from films and we could see him in very limited films over the years. Most of his recent films failed at the box office.

Now, Brahmi entering readily to host for a comic show on small screen. The television show starts today and the actor during his new interview told the real causes for dropping of offers.

“I always follow Live and Let Live policy. There are loads of talent with the young age people and I desire to see them do well on screen. I have done enough films and entertained the audience to the heart. Now it’s time for the next generation actors to prove their mettle. I am not here to dominate others and earn money. I am satisfied with my career. said Brahmanandam.

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