Ram Gopal Varma Announced His Biopic On KCR

Ram Gopal Varma movies have continually made up with controversies. Although may not be box office hits, his movies were a brand for excellence. Right from picking the right actors to doing every scene the best, he is the extremist.

Watching at his early films like “Rakta Charitra”,  “Attacks of 26/11”  and  “Killing Veerappan” we see so much perfection in his films. All the details of the story are done well. We are quite sure about his forthcoming flick “Vangaveeti” will also create a lot of sensations after its release.

Yesterday filmmaker Madhura Sreedhar opened about his biopic on KCR Now the extremist director Ram Gopal Varma announced his biopic on KCR . Like every time RGV never fails to make a full research on the subject matter and told that thing.He told that he would have a great discussion and detailed examination with the Chief Minister himself. This news is the hot cake for now.

Now the puzzle is that whose version of a biopic will be worthwhile watching?