Singer Suchitra Karthik Manhandled by Dhanush’s Men

Popular RJ and singer Suchitra Karthik has grabbed everyone’s attention in Kollywood with her recent tweets on two popular Tamil actors Dhanush and Simbu have raised several eyebrows.

From her Twitter account, a series of tweets were made against Dhanush.

She tweeted, “That’s my arm – from rough handling by #Dhanush’s team. Sorry, buddy – disqualified (sic).” She also posted “This is Suchi, I’m back. I’m safe and I’m ready to tell everyone what a lousy game #Dhanush played. no imagination. Paavum. #Simbu you’re it.”

Her other tweets “Dhanush – stay away from me”, “Dhanush is God”

“I didn’t want to out this #Dhanush I always play fair. But @SadhguruJV Won’t stop messing. So war, it is.”

“This is the ultimate truth. I was attacked and everyone was told to not help. Thanks bro”

“Smbdy would also like me to warn my followers about a huge sex scandal that is about to erupt in an ashram near Coimbatore. Please stay safe”

People thought that her account was hacked by someone.then Suchitra has come up with a selfie and clearly confirmed that she is personally posting all these tweets.Her tweets possibly show that she was manhandled by Dhanush’s men though her posts failed to give clarity of the entire incident.

Now, people and entire Kollywood industry are waiting for Dhanush and Simbu’s reactions.

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